WeFunder Campaign closes with a huge success of over $1M raised by everyday men and women

WeFunder Campaign closes with a huge success of over $1M raised by everyday men and women

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, The World’s Most Resourceful Drug Innovator, Turns To Crowdfunding To Secure Financing To Advance Critical Therapeutics

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical successfully engaged a Community Crowdfunding platform to raise funding to advance their critical therapeutics, making them the world’s most resourceful pharma company.

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., July 29, 2022 — Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, an innovative life sciences company developing a portfolio of revolutionary anti-inflammatories by repurposing existing molecules for novel combination therapy, started and will be completing this weekend, a Community Fundraising effort to drive drug development.  After launching the capital campaign late last year, Sen-Jam has successfully raised just under a million dollars from everyday men and women through WeFunder, a popular crowdfunding platform.

The last few months have been ground-breaking for the startup life sciences company who is enthusiastic about their portfolio of solutions they believe to be “the Next Generation of Anti-Inflammatories” aimed at solving some of the biggest unmet health needs in the world.  Their lead assets include an RX oral therapy for COVID infections, an OTC Alcohol Hangover Prevention as well as an RX Opioid Withdrawal solutions. They are in active clinical trial for their COVID solution and just a few months ago entered an impressive strategic partnership agreement with Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls giant, KVK-Tech. Funding raised through this community round grassroots efforts is a testament to this momentum and the company’s values of putting people first to improve societal well-being.

Kiran Vepuri, VP Business Development for KVK-Tech said, “Our alliance with Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical reflects a true collaboration of passion, integrity and resourcefulness in our mutual aim to improve lives worldwide.  We are thrilled we have already developed the first prototype of their novel oral capsule for COVID infections.  The Sen-Jam spirit of being the “Good Karma Pharma People” with offering investment opportunities to everyday people is one we admire greatly.

Additionally, the disruptor pharma company enlisted the world-renowned physicist, Alexander Wissner-Gross to be on their Advisory Board to help advance commercialization further.  He, alongside two other luminaries close to the company, (including a self proclaimed “everyman investor”) participated in an Investor Roundtable discussion, the highlights of which can be seen here.

The best part of this experience has bar none been getting emails and notes from the amazing men and women who support our cause.  Whether it’s $100 or $100,000, each personal note touches us greatly and fuels not just our efforts to rapidly develop safe and effective therapies for large unmet needs, but it nourishes our soul,” said Jim Iversen, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical CEO.

To learn more about the Community Round which ends at midnight July 31st, go to WeFunder.

About Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

At Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical we disrupt pain and inflammation. Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s mission is to improve societal wellbeing by developing therapeutics that are safe, efficacious, and accessible by all. Sen-Jam repurposes small molecules to develop novel therapeutics for large unmet needs with a focus on improving clinical outcomes. Using patented proprietary technology and the accelerated 505(b)2 pathway, Sen-Jam is on a mission to revolutionize pain treatment and the business of pain relief. Investor information available at Wefunder. Learn more at www.sen-jam.com.

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