RESI Innovation Challenge Winner

RESI Innovation Challenge Winner

Huntington, New York – November, 2017 – Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical was honored to be selected as the winner at the Life Science Nation/RESI conference last week in NYC.

Sen-Jam presented our methodology for Reimagining Health through Innovation, focusing on the development of novel pharmaceutical solutions for large unmet needs. From Ideation to Commercialization we laid out our roadmap for repurposing off-patent drugs to create new OTC and Rx indications with improved efficacy and reduced side-effect profile. Using the FDA 505(b)2 pathway will allow Sen-Jam to expedite the drug development process and increase speed to market. Partners are in place for licensing and global distribution.

“When speaking about our unstoppable collection of talent, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts,” said Jacqueline Iversen, Founder/Head of Clinical Development. “Thanks to our team, we have had a very successful year in building our Exulta® platform for non-opioid pain relief with GI protection for extended use.”

About Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s Mission is to Create Value by finding Novel Pharmaceutical Solutions for Large, Unmet Needs while Forging Global Sales, Distribution, and Licensing Agreements.