2023 Roadmap to Success for the Good Karma Pharma People

2023 Roadmap to Success for the Good Karma Pharma People

Revolutionizing Anti Inflamatories

The Sen-Jam Team is incredibly appreciative of the support and encouragement everyone continues to provide. You are the Innovators, dreamers, go-getters, and champions I reference in our short video highlighting our mission to impact humanity! Thank you for believing in us and being part of our mission.

We have linked HERE our 2023 Phase 2 “Lead Assets” deck, which outlines our Indications, Targets, Proof of Concept, and 2023 Goals. Our goals are highlighted in red at the bottom of each Indication slide for your reference.

Unfortunately, enrollment in the SJP-002C (Oral COVID-19 Therapeutic) clinical trial has been slower than expected due to a decrease in patients at Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal. To address this issue, we are exploring different avenues to increase enrollment, including working with local pharmacies and original testing sites, as well as evaluating the possibility of adding a second testing location.

As an early-stage drug development company, securing funding is always a top priority. We are currently seeking to raise $5 million to fund our 2023 plan and an additional $5 million to advance two injectable projects. Our goal is to significantly increase our valuation and position ourselves well for a Phase 2 data asset sale, licensing deals, or Series B financing round once the first $5 million is achieved and deployed.

In January, we met with over 30 life science investors at the JPM Healthcare conference. The discussions were productive, with some investors expressing interest in investing, others exploring licensing opportunities, and a few investment bankers proposing taking our company public. In the coming weeks, we will be following up with everyone we met at the conference to further advance our discussions. Our goal is to find a biotech lead investor, while also evaluating alternative financing options similar to those that have supported us to date.